Lookbook: Styling Nike Air Force 1s

For the past couple of years, my all black Nike Air Force 1s have been my most worn pair of sneakers. I can pair them with virtually anything. When I’m not sure what kind of shoe would match my outfit, I would turn to these bad boys first. Since I’ve paired so many outfits with […]

2 Simple Ways to Transition Your Summer Favourites into the Fall Season

Summer has come to an end, and the cool autumn season means switching up some items in our closets. It’s finally time to bring out the scarves, jeans, and boots in replacement of summer blouses and denim shorts. However, that is not to say summer clothes can’t still be worn during the cooler season. For […]

Getting a Real Job in the Real World

A little over a month ago, I began working in retail at a mall. There are currently 225 employees at my store location, and there is one phrase I keep overhearing from many of the sales associates: “I can’t wait until I get a real job.”  A real job. What does that mean, really? What splits […]

6 Life Lessons Dance Has Taught Me

  Dance is an activity that can teach you a lot about life, especially if you passionately invest time in it. The skills and lessons I’ve learnt from taking dance classes easily transcends dance environments – I can apply what I have learnt to other aspects of my life. I have no doubt in my […]

Review: Fügo Desserts in Toronto

Fügo Desserts is a new soft serve/ice cream location that just opened in Toronto. It is very close to Dundas Square – right in between Dundas and St. Patrick Station. The place has been open for less than a week, and surprisingly the wait time wasn’t long at all. I went with my friend Vivian […]

Places to Eat in Vancouver

Hi guys! School’s out and you’ll be seeing a lot more of me on this blog from now on. Be sure to keep up to date with me by following peekthemind on Bloglovin’ to be notified everytime I post! When I traveled to Vancouver in March, I’ve concluded Vancity has unique places to eat that some […]


I’ve always been fascinated by fashion, but never with my accessories. I have never been one to obsess over rings or necklaces since I always lost them so easily. Not to mention I grew up taking regular dance classes, and I found taking my accessories on and off such a nuisance. I liked that one […]

Places to See in Vancouver

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Vancouver for five days. In some ways, the hustling and bustling city resembled Toronto, but the mountain view was not something I got to see everyday. It was incredibly nice to take the time to stop, pack my bags in the […]


It’s been awhile since I’ve done an ootd post! Today was the first official day of March Break, and man oh man I couldn’t have asked for better weather. Easy, breezy, beautiful. (No CoverGirl.) What better way to celebrate than to have icecream with friends?     We walked along the Roncesvalles neighbourhood and stopped […]

My Passport Is My Best Friend

“The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page.” – St. Augest —– I read this passage last summer as we were taking a break at a pitstop from being on the road for a couple of hours.  It was a bright sunny morning, and lots of excitement was […]