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Welcome to the blog of a Torontonian girl with a passion for traveling, dance, fashion, food, late night adventures, and street photography. A public diary of sorts, here you will find a glimpse of the world through my eyes. The curated collection of my photos consists of (but are not limited to) portraits, interesting architecture, the occasional flatlay of delicious food, and the overall surroundings around me. Above all, I enjoy capturing candids of human life.

To me, this is another creative platform that acts as an outlet for self-expression. It was started to extend my thoughts beyond the simple captions posted along with my Instagram content. As this blog expands, there will be fashion posts, reviews of places I’ve been to, and other possibilities. Enjoy your stay here, how ever long that may be!



IG: @wxnniel
Twitter: @wxnniel
E-mail: wxnniel@gmail.com