You Don’t Have to Explain Yourself

Here’s a short, sweet, and simple affirmation of the day: not everything you do requires an explanation.

There will be days where you’ll spontaneously choose to do something different without a second thought. There will be days where you’ll make the most simple, yet groundbreaking findings and let it influence the way you live your life.

Everyday is defined by your choices. Whether it’s giving yourself the green card to splurge on that one thing you’ve had your eye on for months, choosing to dive off social media for a few days, or deciding to go out for once instead of staying home so much.

Sometimes, your choices are a part something bigger, something more important: a sort of self-revelation. A lifestyle change. Maybe live somewhere else for awhile. Ditch a toxic relationship. Switch up a passion, career, habit.

Whatever it is, you are in control. So why let anyone question your choices, and feel like you’re obligated to explain yourself?

Yes, there are times an explanation is needed where it’s due. But I’m not talking about those moments where you’re expected to be somewhere and you’re not there – like skipping work and needing to give a reason. I’m talking about the people who question your motives. The people who, when you tell them you’re doing this or that new thing, and they become skeptical for whatever reason.

You don’t have to explain. Explaining can be so exhausting to people who can’t wrap their heads around an idea. If you’re doing you, you’re doing what feels right, then maybe that’s all you have to say. You don’t owe anybody any explanation on things that don’t affect them. 

In a world where diving into an existential crisis is a more common occurrence than not, the one person that should be sure of what they’re doing – regardless of reason – should be you. People’s judgment should never affect your choices if you’re doing what feels right.

There are going to be people who can’t understand why you do the things you do, and that’s perfectly okay. You can’t please everybody.

I was inspired to write this due to several life experiences lately. You see, my hobby that’s taken a lot of my time this year has been working in front of and behind a camera. I love finding ways to capture and produce interesting photos in terms of street, food, and fashion photography. I’ve surrounded myself with people who openly embrace what I do, and do the same thing as well. It’s great.

There’s just one trivial annoyance. There have been many, many occasions where I’ll visit a new coffee shop or brunch location, and receive many unnecessary looks, remarks, and questions from strangers when I pull out my camera to take photos of the food in front of me. I’ve caught people staring and taking photos/videos of my friend and I, while I wait for her to rearrange the plates on the table. Surprise, some food shots take several attempts before a good one presents itself.

When people ask why I bother, I just say, “It’s for me. I enjoy what I do.”

Granted, some are just genuinely curious, in which starts a conversation that I’m all for. No, it doesn’t bother me my camera gets some good attention before my food does. Yes, the food will get cold sometimes, but the process is fun. Despite the attention I may gain, I will never second guess my choices, especially on those that make me happy. Neither should you.

So if it’s one thing, and only one thing you should do with everything you’ve got: follow your heart and just do what feels right.