3 Winter Jackets – 3 Different Looks

Winters in Canada can be brutal, but style doesn’t have to be compromised for warmth. Have both! 

1. The Modern Grandma

Jacket: Uniqlo | Loafers: Honest Ed’s

Classic peacoat, meet the upgraded fuzzy version of you. Wearing this jacket is like walking around with a blanket throw; it provides the same amount of warmth and comfort, only much more structured. A fuzzy peacoat follows the trend of comfort for the winter season, yet at the same time giving outfits an old, vintage feel to it. Inspired by previous the early 1930s and 1940s, I wore high-waisted cigarette styled dress pants and black loafers.

Unlined Blazer: H&M | Shirt: Zara

To me, nothing completes a good ‘vintage’ look without some added print. I gave the outfit its uniqueness by wearing a top with a graphic design and socks with stripes.

Dress Pants: American Apparel

I was able to incorporate 2 different prints (the tee full of stars and striped socks) into the outfit by creating a visual balance for both colour and placement. The outfit may not have worked if the shirt had a different colour even if it had the same print design. Balancing out colour is huge – making sure I don’t wear too many colours at once while also making sure I’m repeating a colour I had already added onto the look can make a huge difference in an outfit. It was also about visual placement; if I had worn something with a printed design (for example, a cardigan) right beside my printed top or statement shoes with my striped socks, it would have been too busy for the eyes to see so much going on in one place.

2. Some Cozy Class

Coat: Wilfred | Black Top: Thrifted | Pants: JBrand

If you want something of high quality that will last, invest in a wool coat. They can be expensive, but you can also wait for end of the season sales to get a deal. I opted with a plain black coat from Wilfred because it pairs well with many outfits. It’s the perfect thing to wear to formal events too; arriving in style has never been so easy.

Blanket Scarf: H&M | Booties: H&M

For days where it’s extra windy, I like to throw on a warm blanket scarf. As someone who does not enjoy wearing earmuffs or hats all the time (because they always flatten my hair), scarves are an essential to keeping my ears warm. In order to keep the visual balance of colour and appeal, I wore one that kept to the black and white colour scheme I had going on.

Stay cozy, y’all.

3. Oversize Love

Black Coat: Thrifted | Windbreaker: Thrifted


Jeans: Thrifted | Shoes: Dr. Martens ‘Industrial Work Shoe’

What’s better than one jacket? Two! Throw out the idea that winter requires only one warm jacket. If you’ve got two semi-warm jackets, experiment and put them both together. Here, I paired a thrifted ensemble: a colourful windbreaker with a large, lined suede jacket. Since the jacket’s sleeves were too long on me, I rolled them up. And if two jackets are still not enough, there’s always the option to wear a sweater underneath. Since I was wearing very loose and oversized items on the upper half of my body, I gave the outfit some contrast by wearing tight skinny jeans and finished the pairing with some classic Docs.

Knowing no wind can get through to me = a very happy me.

I’ve worn all of the above jackets under -20°C weather and have not had a problem with staying warm. Everyone’s main concern with winter may be to stay cozy and not have to experience frostbite, but dressing in style shouldn’t have to only be left for the warmer seasons.

Which outfit did you like the most? Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time,