Wow. What a busy month November has been so far! Loads of tests and projects have been piled upon us highschool students (not to mention midterms and finals for university students…), and first report cards have been handed out. The school year is only getting busier and busier. As time continues to fly by, November […]

Birthday Musings (OOTD #6)

So it’s been a week since my birthday (aka halloween), and I thought I’d share what my outfit was for that day. I didn’t get a chance to dress up as I was spending time with friends and family all day, but the day before I was Winnie the poo in a toilet (click here […]

Quitting Social Media

The way of life one would have experienced 50 years ago would be significantly different to one’s way of life today. There is a huge difference when comparing the amount of technology we have now to 50 years ago. In 1964 during New York’s World Fair, Isaac Asimov, an American author known for his works […]

DIY Halloween Costume: Poop in a Toilet

Halloween has always been one of my favourite days of the year. It’s a lighthearted occasion that gives kids the opportunity to collect as much candy as they possibly can in one night, and to dress up as anything they desire to be. My halloween costumes have always been pretty uninteresting: I’ve been a witch, […]