I’ve always been fascinated by fashion, but never with my accessories. I have never been one to obsess over rings or necklaces since I always lost them so easily. Not to mention I grew up taking regular dance classes, and I found taking my accessories on and off such a nuisance. I liked that one […]


It’s been awhile since I’ve done an ootd post! Today was the first official day of March Break, and man oh man I couldn’t have asked for better weather. Easy, breezy, beautiful. (No CoverGirl.) What better way to celebrate than to have icecream with friends?     We walked along the Roncesvalles neighbourhood and stopped […]


Wow. What a busy month November has been so far! Loads of tests and projects have been piled upon us highschool students (not to mention midterms and finals for university students…), and first report cards have been handed out. The school year is only getting busier and busier. As time continues to fly by, November […]

Birthday Musings (OOTD #6)

So it’s been a week since my birthday (aka halloween), and I thought I’d share what my outfit was for that day. I didn’t get a chance to dress up as I was spending time with friends and family all day, but the day before I was Winnie the poo in a toilet (click here […]


      Last year, my go-to for bad hair days were beanies (also known as toques, if you’re Canadian). This year, it’s baseball caps. Especially plain ones. I have a begun collecting a broad range of different single coloured caps so that I am prepared for any outfit I decide to put on for the […]


I crashed on the couch early last night and was running late in the morning, so I quickly pulled together an all black outfit. Layering still made me look put-together- nobody would have guessed I took about two seconds to pull whatever was black out of my closet to rush out the door as fast […]


As of lately, my go-to outfits have been pairing thrifted print tops with black denim bottoms and a pair of black shoes, then layering a hoodie underneath a jacket without a collar so that the hood from the sweater will show through. It doesn’t require much thought, and it’s perfect for the mornings I want […]


The weather in Toronto is certainly getting colder and colder in each passing day, which only meant it was time for me to experiment a little more with layering. This time I layered four black pieces, all made up of different materials. The top is 100% silk, the jersey is 100% cotton, the hoodie is […]