This Is How You Forget to Live

Today was #BellLetsTalk day, and like many others, the topic of mental health came to mind many times during the course of my day. As I reflected back on my past and my personal experience with clinical depression, I wanted to speak up about positivity and misconceptions about the illness. Today, like any normal day […]

5 Reasons to Take a Year Off of School

One year ago, I was a high school senior. One year ago, I spent countless sleepless nights, sitting on my bed, attempting to visualize my life in a new school and a new program. Anybody who’s been through high school would know senior year was difficult. For me, it was difficult to live with the […]

Afterthoughts on America’s 45th Presidential Election

America’s 45th presidential election has officially ended, but it is the start of a whirlwind of changes that will no doubt affect the country and the countries that work closely with the USA. It’s been an exhausting year of hearing debates from opposing sides. Upon waking up this morning to find Donald Trump has won the […]

Getting a Real Job in the Real World

A little over a month ago, I began working in retail at a mall. There are currently 225 employees at my store location, and there is one phrase I keep overhearing from many of the sales associates: “I can’t wait until I get a real job.”  A real job. What does that mean, really? What splits […]

6 Life Lessons Dance Has Taught Me

  Dance is an activity that can teach you a lot about life, especially if you passionately invest time in it. The skills and lessons I’ve learnt from taking dance classes easily transcends dance environments – I can apply what I have learnt to other aspects of my life. I have no doubt in my […]

What’s Worth the Wait?

I spend a lot of my life waiting. I’m sure we all do. I wait for the bus to come. I wait for my grades to come back after a test/exam. I wait for my turn to talk to a doctor. It’s inevitable. Waiting teaches us patience, and having patience will benefit us in everything […]

Down in the dumps? Listen to sad music.

“Just go with the flow” has been one of the most important quotes I’ve come to know. As humans, we react to the people around us and the situations we come across on a day to day basis. If something is negative, it’s important to understand every situation is temporary in order to prevent stressing […]


5:15 AM Not really sure where I am in life at the moment. Not really sure of who I am, who I’ve become. Not really sure of what the circumstances were that had to have happened that made each and every event come in one wave after another this past year, in order to make me who […]